Ash Slab Coffee Tables (pair)

Ash Slab Coffee Tables (pair) | Unique Furniture and Gifts

Ash Slab Coffee Tables (pair)

Price: $7,500.00


These coffee tables offer an opportunity to bring a little piece of the natural world into your interior environment, or in this case, two big pieces. 

These sleek coffee tables consist of two consecutive slices of part of the trunk of a White Ash tree which has been naturally distressed by the gentle hand of Nature herself.
Each table weighs a generous 95 lbs. or so, substantial yes, but still easily moveable. 

The tables are 14 ˝” high, mounted on a clear plexiglass base resulting in the illusion of them floating in space. 

They are 55” long with a width varying from 21 ˝” to 18 ˝”. 

The finish consists of three hand-rubbed coats of conversion varnish resulting in an extremely durable finish that doesn’t hide any of the wood’s natural beauty.

 Free delivery can be provided with 100 miles of my studio.