Botanical Prints

Nature says goodbye to us for the winter with a blaze of color.†

I enjoy Fall so much that I decided to keep some of that color with me and bring it indoors to enjoy throughout the year.†

Each of my autumnal specimens have been harvested at their peak of brilliant color and are hand-pressed to preserve their natural beauty. While most framed botanicals are merely prints, these are true to their roots and are the real deal!

The leaves are carefully pressed and sprayed with a preservative which ensures that the vibrant color will last for years to come. I first started doing this 28 years ago and those specimens are still alive with their original color.†

The frames, which are handmade from Sugar Maple with Black Walnut slip feathers in the corners, measure 14" x 14" and have a hand-rubbed lacquered finish.

The following botanical prints are currently available:

Black Gum†

Japanese Maple†

Northern Pin Oak

Sugar Maple