Ash Slab Coffee Table (Single)

Ash Slab Coffee Table (Single) | Unique Furniture and Gifts

Ash Slab Coffee Table (Single)

Price: $4,000.00


This coffee table offers an opportunity to bring a little piece of the natural world into your interior environment.

This sleek table consists of a  slice of part of the trunk of a White Ash tree which has been naturally distressed by the gentle hand of Nature herself.

The table weighs a generous 95 lbs. or so, substantial yes, but still easily moveable. 

The table is 14 ˝” high, mounted on a clear plexiglass base resulting in the illusion that it is floating in space. T

It is 55” long with a width varying from 21 ˝” to 18 ˝”. 

The finish consists of three hand-rubbed coats of conversion varnish resulting in an extremely durable finish that doesn’t hide any of the wood’s natural beauty.