Handcrafted Humidors

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention…so too is inspiration the mother of creativity!
The second part of this statement is true of my Heirloom Collection of humidors I have created. There are four humidors in my collection: 
The Blackstone Greek Revival, The Artisan, The Cherry Prairie Schooner and The Hickory Prairie Schooner.  All are meant to be enjoyed and passed down from generation to generation.

Some particulars about the humidors: 

All of my humidors are made out of solid hardwoods, no veneers, as the weight of each piece will attest to. 

They are all fully lined with Spanish Cedar, to ensure freshness and all come with a Precision 70 Credo Humidity Regulator. 

The hinges are solid brass, American made quadrant hinges. 

All humidors have multiple layers of hand-rubbed lacquer. 

They will hold approximately 100 cigars, but that may vary given the many different sizes of cigars. 

Interior dimensions for all the humidors are 13 ¾” wide x 7 ¾ “ deep and 4 ¾ “ high.