Mahogany Rifle Gun Vise/Shooting Rest

Mahogany Rifle Gun Vise/Shooting Rest | Sportsmanís Accessories

Mahogany Rifle Gun Vise/Shooting Rest

Price: $400.00


The only way to site your rifle is to take yourself out of the equation, and the only way to do that is to use a rifle vise. Designed to keep your gun stationary and steady, the vise is great for mounting a scope, cleaning and repairing your gun and for target practice. It is also something that can be handed down to future generations. Handcrafted for the shooting enthusiast, the vise is made in stunning African Mahogany.  It is also available in Cherry, Black Walnut and Red Oak Stained, measuring approximately 12Ē wide x 12 1/2ď high and 16 ľ ď long and weighing between 7 Ė 8 lbs. Enjoy target shooting with the utmost accuracy for the best shot at success.